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Back in March, this post inspired me to go looking for cheaper condoms. All the online reviews agreed that field tests of the Crown brand found here were great.

Unfortunately, those were out of stock when I went looking; possibly even due to that particular post. So were the Black Ice condoms of unknown quality that were also linked in the same post. Of course, now both kinds are in stock and available.

With luck, they’ll still be around by the time I get some money. My bank account took a serious nosedive during Shibaricon thanks to all the extra spending I did with the airline on baggage fees and snacks. But luckily, the credit union I’m with now isn’t hitting me with insane overage fees like B of A or Wells Fargo would have done. Making the switch away, while it took me a few months, is now clearly one of the better and more sanity inducing things I’ve done.

But anyway, the sex had to be had. Safely. He liked the Magnums a lot because they were comfortable but the prices in the drugstores and whatnot were horrendous. Like $35 for the Big Box, of like 48, yeah? My memory kinda sucks. But so did those prices. And it got worse the smaller size box, like $20 for 24 or something.

Side note: I just searched Google for condoms “In stock nearby” and it came up blank. Actually, it came up with four books from Barnes & Noble, one being a Terry Pratchett Discworld novel and another entitled Godless: The Church of Liberalism. Oh, and the last one: For the Relief of Unbearable Urges. Natch.

So yeah, Google is completely worthless for doing local price comparisons. Which is fucked up. All the stores around here carry condoms. I think we tried Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Safeway, and Kmart. Dismal prices all the way around.

With two exceptions. A friend of ours has a Costco club card. They only had one brand (Durex) when we went in, but it was a tin of 48 for just $10! Assorted, no less. Those were really nice, and long gone.

The other exception is the 99 Cent Store. For a long time I was leery of their condoms but I bought them anyway to use on sex toys for easy cleanup. I’ve seen at least two brands there: Playgirl condoms, which come in white boxes with purple lettering, and Fantasy condoms, which come in red, green, yellow, and blue boxes.

I passed the cheap condoms for sex toy cleanup tip on to the pro-SM house I was working at, which resulted in some hilariously large purchases on my part for their behalf. It’s always fun to stand in the line at the dollar store with nothing but twenty boxes of condoms in your basket. I never know whether to keep a straight face or smile real wide.

In that same incredibly informative post mentioned above, I also since learned how horrible nonoxynol-9 is for the lady bits so now I only buy the green and red boxes, which don’t have it. The green boxes are assorted colors, lubricated, and I think the red boxes are all one color (red, maybe?) and lubricated. Similar thing with the blues and yellows, only they have the spermicide,

“which has been found to increase the risk of HIV, HPV, trichomonas, and vaginosis infections.  Sex workers are 50% more likely to contract HIV if they use nonoxynol-9.  And the reason is nasty—because it can cause ulcers to form in your vagina, which creates open wounds for infection to enter.”

At any rate, I’ve seen these Fantasy brand condoms for sale in non dollar stores so they’re not a totally unknown brand. After we ran out of Planned Parenthood condoms and the ones from Costco, we decided to check the expiration dates on the Fantasy brand ones from the dollar store and give them a try.

They seem sturdy enough, which is perhaps why they end up as overstocks. They’re not the thinnest or most comfortable condoms on the market. But for a buck a twelve pack, we’re not complaining, and the assorted colors in the green boxes are nice – every so often I get to joke about how nice it is to get a big black cock! We did have one condom break but he noticed it fairly quickly and was able to replace it and keep going.

I mentioned Planned Parenthood a moment ago. If you’re lucky enough to have one in your area that provides this service, and you meet their income requirements, you can go in once every 30 days for a brief consultation and get a 30 count bag of these bad boys, for free. If you have partners in similar circumstances, they can do it, too. Which gives an average of 1 condom a day per partner participating. Not the worst ration in the world.

I asked them once about getting the internal, or “female” condoms, and they said that I would also have to make a separate appointment for that. I haven’t yet bothered, because then we found the $10 Durex tin, and then later, the $1 Fantasy 12 packs.

Oh, and I just hit the motherload getting a grab bag of all kinds of condoms & lube goodies as schwag at the Putting the Sex(y) back in STI class I took at Shibaricon from Rica – to whom I also volunteered my vagina to model the insertion of the internal “female” condom. Very strange, to have a stranger inserting their fingers inside of oneself in front of a class. But not exactly my first time, and certainly the least I could do given the all out efforts given by the volunteers in my squirting class the day before.

So yeah, there’s the resources I’ve tapped this year for the safer sexes. Got any good tips yourself? Share them below in the comments!

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  • hottung2007

    Problem with that Crown brand is they have no size on the package…when i put on a Trojan Magnum XL, it rips, so have to use Durex Comfort XL.